Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What the Constitution Does Not Say (Excerpts from profound 1L comments in ConLaw) Part 1

Prof: Where do rights come from?
Profound Lawdolecent of the Day: Human rights.

I get to sit in on the 1L ConLaw class this semester. It's a new semester, the LawTots have matured into Lawdolecents. While a few LawTot gunners have gotten their grades and have learned to refrain from contributing their opinion, there are still a few who will never learn that their opinion is not as profound as they think. Since I'm on the downhill coast for the rest of law school ConLaw is very entertaining because people get involved and feel the need to defend their opinion. (Un) Fortunately for the (learning)entertainment process, this leads to a lot of opinions which represent what the Constitution does not say.

In the spirit of the inaugural  What the Constitution Does Not Say, here are a few more first day goodies:

Prof: Where do rights come from?
Profound Lawdolecent of the Day: Dignity. (Think about it)

Prof: Where do rights come from?
Profound Lawdolecent of the Day: I think the Creator, God. (You knew someone was going to say it.)
Phaedrus: (Thinking) aka: Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Thank you George Frederic Handel. Then again, as the song says (For Unto Us a Child is Born- Handel's Messiah) "and the government shall be upon his shoulder." Profound Lawdolecent May be onto something... nah.


butterflyfish said...

Why do you get to sit in? Are you going to be doing some schooling of these kids, or is it more for entertainment purposes?

nicolle said...

as wrong a response as that song may be in conlaw...it really is my favourite part of the Messiah.

Phaedrus said...

I didn't have ConLaw my first year, so I get to take it my second year. There are a few 2Ls in ConLaw. Nothing beat the look on the faces of the 1Ls because they had just gotten their grades, and then here come the 2Ls to throw the curve...