Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shit...Here Again

Triumphant Return and Class Schedule:

I learned over the holidays that non-law school time gives rise to very little blogging material.  There are lots of other things to do of course, but it really seems like nothing makes me think "oh shit, this needs to be blogged."  Perhaps this makes me a bad blogger.

The holidays were miraculous.  I swear it felt like there was a physical weight off my back.  The stress seemed to flow out of my skin and disappear into the surroundings.  I slept well, worked out a bit, and actually lost a couple of pounds.  Life seemed enjoyable in ways I had almost forgotten or at least stopped understanding.  Spending time in Texas with the girl was even better than usual because neither of us was stressed out.

In any case, we're back in the ninth circle of hell as of Monday 1/7.  I'm taking Law and Economics, Insurance Law, Environmental Law II, Conflicts of Law, and a military law class about the "war on terror."  I have no class before 10:45 AM or after 2:50 PM on any day of the week, and I have no classes on Friday.  It was miraculous that I was able to achieve this degree of streamlining while only taking one class I didn't initially want to take (Insurance).  However, even Insurance is starting to seem somewhat interesting, and I'll probably deal with it a lot in practice anyway.  All my classes this term have fewer than 30 people, which I definitely like.  Taking Bus Orgs and Legal Profession (ethics) in the same semester sucked last fall.

Obligatory Guy Fawkes Bitterness:

All this happiness and sunshine feels so out of character for my blogging persona, so here's a little bitterness.  Our grades aren't even officially due until January 15, and I will be astounded if they're all in by that time.  Consequently, many people have no grades posted yet, and I only have one.  Professor Hair Club had our Administrative Law finals graded within 5 days of the due date (meaning he submitted the grades well before Christmas), but the records office neglected to post them until Monday.  I was elated and somewhat surprised to see that I got perhaps the only A in the class (or one of two depending on the source).  Of course, this was too good to be true without some sort of fuck-up along the way.  After being posted online for two days, the grade was nowhere to be found when I checked grades again Wednesday morning.  Additionally, Administrative Law was no longer listed in the list of courses I took last semester.  Even worse, my friends' grades from the class remained unchanged.  As a typical Type A, pessimistic law student, my mind immediately envisioned nightmare scenarios such as the records office having entered the grade incorrectly or the professor revisiting my exam and thinking I had plagiarized something.  

It took most of yesterday to figure out what happened, but the records office finally informed me that another course had accidentally been added to my transcript during the semester without my knowledge.  I have no idea how something like that even happens.  To correct the problem, they had to remove last semester's records from the system and re-add everything.  Apparently it took a bit longer to get Admin Law back in there for some reason.   Fortunately, everything worked out in the end and my A is back in the system.  Looking at it is like a warm law school security blanket.  Imagine that, a happy ending for a law school problem.

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Sharon Eliza said...

Hahahaha. For a top law school, there are some incompetent people who work here.