Sunday, November 23, 2008

Concerted Action (That's a Tort!)

So it's 11 days until my first exam... and I haven't read a single case since October of my first semester. That's over two years. In fact, before today I had not read a single page. So, today, I managed to read 13 pages of Bus. Orgs. and 2 pages of a 62 page outline... it was time to celebrate!

But I don't understand this:

My plans tonight: crack a bottle of red and watch the game. My friends' plans tonight: crack and bottle of red and watch the game. Problem is, no one wanted to watch it together.

So my question is this: is it (A) finals, (B) stress, (C) apathy, (D) the culmination and angst of almost 2.5 years of law school, or (E) all of the above?

So, we all drank a bottle of red wine by ourselves.

Now I'm going to watch Love Actually. Thank you El Guapo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Prof. Tree Dweller - 11/18/08

“Ginsburg says he loves economics as a regulatory approach…which is true. He spouts it all the time. When I was rafting with him up in Montana, I kept thinking about tossing him into the river so maybe he’d drown or something and we’d all be better off. I’m joking, you guys know that. *long pause* He had his kids with him, they would’ve been traumatized.”

Monday, November 17, 2008


How is it Christmas already? The stores are done up. The radio is playing songs. You know, they could skip the Josh Grobin once and play my favorite Christmas song by Billy Mack.

I love that movie. Too bad my independent study won't let me watch right now. I've been buried in Westlaw all weekend.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why I stopped blogging and started going to class

In the recent months I have become employed in my dream job. While it is nothing permanent yet, it is an audition. With the added responsibilities that I have assumed with my job, I have to find areas in my life to make time. Thus, no blogging. However, this has its benefits. I am notorious for not being present in class. I have been known to make public statements to my professors, "It's okay, I will just settle for an A-minus in this class, that's still top 10%." (A-minus is the A that I will get in the class minus 1/3 of a letter grade for lack of class participation--attendance--at the professor's discretion).

Recently, I have changed my attitude about class. I have found that rather than sitting in class surfing through the end of the internet in a 3 hour period, I could, instead, sit in class, do work, and bill by the tenth of an hour. Therefore, a three hour session of boredom then becomes several dinners at a top steakhouse---or Eurotrip Christmas '08.

That said, I will not be blogging to often. If anything, I may quit hiding behind a pseudonym and start blogging on a profession blog. In the meantime, join me in the fight against preemption.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Breaking News: "Raccoon Mailer" Arrested!

Recently, one of our dear compatriots, the raccoon himself, was caught while attempting to create more mayhem. This time, the ever-anonymous raccoon was allegedly attempting to steal beer from a private residence. The following are surveillance photos and police press release images of our noble and unjustly imprisoned friend. We are currently pressing the police for authentication of these images, but they have been uncooperative so far.

Supposed surveillance image of our raccoon breaking and entering through the rear entrance of a private residence. Note that the raccoon's face does not appear in the image, making true identification impossible. The police clearly have the wrong raccoon in custody:

Here we see another unauthenticated "surveillance image" of the raccoon allegedly taking beer from a private residence. While our raccoon loves beer (especially Sam Adams Lager when it's on sale at the grocery store), the first thing HE would have done is tear those wires out of the computer in the background. Our raccoon would have likely used the stapler in the photo to staple the Sam Adams box to the destroyed computer wires. Also, who the fuck has security cameras inside their house, particularly ones that zoom in on a specific spot on the desk??? I smell entrapment.

First police press release mugshot of the raccoon. The profile angle clearly shows that this raccoon is obese, whereas our raccoon can literally fly and deliver business reply envelopes! There's no way he could do that if he was a fatass like this pathetic excuse for a raccoon.

Second police press release mugshot of our fuzzy friend. Note that the whiskers and nose are indistinguishable from those of other raccoons. Also note the ominous shadow in the background, which closely resembles the raccoon...THERE IS NO LIGHT BEHIND THE POLICE CAMERA. This is clearly a case of mistaken identity, or perhaps haunting:

Please, we implore you...contribute to the raccoon's bail and defense fund!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


As 3L's we've been beaten down with dissapointment, dissolutionment, and exhaustion. I have trouble finding the outrage for the blog. I feel like this.

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I try to bring the rage, but it just isn't worth it.