Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Off Week" from Law Review

To do list (so far) for this 4 day week:

Law Review:
1. pick up state case law assignment for law review
2. do state case law assignment
3. think of a good law review note topic
4. figure out which professors to harass about being my faculty sponsor for the note
5. harass professor(s) about being my sponsor
6. write note topic memo

1. read for Prof. Hair Club's Admin Law class
2. read 872109834 pages for Local Gov't Law since I'm definitely on call
3. make it to the local police department to get fingerprinted for the bar association - just received notice that the ones I sent back in February weren't good enough
4. interviews Thursday and Friday
5. revise resume and cover letters
6. blanket firms all over the state w/ revised documents from #5
7. meet with career services person re: on whom I have to perform oral sex to get a job for next summer

1. pay rent since the office was closed for Labor Day from Sept. 1-3, leaving a one day window to pay rent on time
2. list football tickets on eBay (going to do during class)
3. figure out all the random stuff I need from Target (also a class activity)
4. go to Target
5. get a haircut before interviews
6. figure out why my desktop PC still isn't working even though I rebuilt it last night (probably a dead or dying hard drive) - fix if possible
7. figure out why other two BRAND NEW hard drives never worked with the old motherboard and still aren't registering on the new one
8. order new hard drive(s) or RMA the dead-on-arrival pieces of crap depending on what I figure out (read: more money)

1. make blog post bitching about having too much random shit to do

Thank god, at least the primary hard drive still works. I even managed to reinstall Windows without destroying all the files I had neglected to back up. Hooray.


El Guapo said...

I'm not doing so hot either. I have quite a few interviews but few in towns I want and those in that town basically shit on me and my all star resume before I walk in the room. Apparently Law Review and Trial Ad at the leading university in the state isn't enough for this mid-level legal market anymore. Why the hell do people out of the state love me when my own people think I'm fungible? What do these guys want anyway?

Guy Fawkes said...

"Fungible" is a fun word.

Phaedrus said...

I know, I woke up today and realized I was late on so many fucking bills because of the weekend. Who makes a bill due on Sunday the 2nd, really?!?