Monday, August 27, 2007

Prof. Hair Club - The First Installment

Prof. Hair Club teaches my Administrative Law class. He is a self-proclaimed cynic from Mississippi, yet he lacks the Southern accent and crotchety demeanor one might expect from an individual fitting that description. He also lacks a substantial portion of the hair on his head, hence the nickname. El Guapo, one of our classmates and a regular blog commenter, also noted that Prof. Hair Club talks in similar fashion to John Moschitta Jr. For the uninitiated out there, John Moschitta Jr. is this guy, more commonly known as the Micro Machines guy or Blurr from the original Transformers:

Prof. Hair Club isn't quite Prof. Son of a Bitch in terms of quote volume, but perhaps I can manage a post now and then. Today's gem:

“You can look down into the dark abyss of cynicism, and I’ll be looking back up at you, waving and smiling.”

On another note, I saw a 1L female wearing a Michael Vick jersey at school today. That takes some major balls/ovaries right about now.


Silly Little Law Student said...

I do believe I've just be left completely speechless after watching the micro-machines guy and attempting to imagine a law professor who speaks like that.

As for the Vick jersey.... I think I'd rather see a 1L wearing one than talk about the whole incident (including how he "found jesus") in my sports law class ad nauseum for 15 minutes yesterday. I wish I were kidding. And as if that wasn't bad enough, Swiss Cheese Boy had about 15293874239074294 things to say about the situation.

mfocker said...

that 1L in the jersey also thinks she's black. she's not.