Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Undergrads in the Library

Phaedrus: i've got to figure out how i can find out her name
Phaedrus: i might go pretend i lost something, and act like i left it with the morning girl and try to remember her name
Phaedrus: i mean, there's a reason cute undergrads work in the library here
Guy Fawkes: clearly it's to meet eligible 2L's
Phaedrus: heck yeah it is
Phaedrus: i'd date this one
Phaedrus: she's up to my sober standards
Phaedrus: but speaking of getting fucked
Phaedrus: i've got to go interview

We are such law students. Phaedrus is of the "that guy" variety.


Phaedrus said...

Thanks for outting me. I forget there's no privacy on the internet these days...

Guy Fawkes said...

Oh come on, no one at our school reads this blog anyway.