Sunday, July 27, 2008


It really has been getting me down lately that the legal career is so isolated. I mean this on two levels: regionally and internationally. It seems very hard (but not impossible) to move to a region other than where your law school is located, regardless of the prestige of your school. Second, trying to work in another country is practically impossible. I wish I would have considered this more before I came to law school. However, as I have long asserted, the legal calling is a type of natural selection--either you have it or you don't, either you're good at it or you're not. I don't know what I would do with my life if it weren't for law, it is the only thing that I'm really good at career wise(well, other than global domination). 

I've decided that I'm going to work my butt off (not that that notion is hard to come by in the practice of law) for the next two years, live like a student, and pay off my loans. Then it's au revoir for me. I'm going to go live somewhere near the equator, some place still dependent upon corn. If you want to find me, then you have to take a 3 hour donkey ride and the locals will only know me as "El Gringo." Who knows what I'll do. Maybe I'll own a casino, maybe a bar & grill, maybe a fishing charter. Then again, I could go on the Euro side for a while. Run with the bulls, make art, live off the government, and all of the stuff Europeans do.

This summer has burnt me out. Crash and burn, bad. Maybe it's just pre-thid-year syndrome. Maybe it's that I do not have a job that I want lined up for after graduation. Maybe it's just getting out while the gettin's good.

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postscript said...

I'm not sure it's impossible to work outside the country you studied in--have you seen the ATL series about working in Asia?