Friday, July 11, 2008

Google Search of the Day - 7/11/08

Today's search string is near and dear to my heart.

Google search of the day:
"what does top third meanin law school"

The quote is verbatim, including the lack of a space between "mean" and "in." Being in the top third probably means that you are more intelligent than most of the people ahead of you, but you are likely unmarried, not to mention lazier than the students in the top 10%. Top third in law school means you have a reasonable shot at making it onto your school's law review if grades are a factor, but you'll have to bust your ass on your student comment and Bluebook exam. It also means that you'll be infuriatingly close to the top 25%, which is the point at which some firms roundfile resumes. Being in the top third also means that you'll struggle in OCI because the big firms won't hire you, but smaller firms won't interview you either because they think the big firms WILL hire you.


mootgoescow said...

Top third means you're a failure b/c you couldn't make top quarter...

Top third could actually mean a lot of things depending on the school you go to. But generally, I'd agree with Guys. Unless you're already working your ass off, being in the top third of your class generally means there's talent there; it's just a matter of out working people or being out worked that determines if you move up or down.

El Guapo said...

I think it's like being projected as a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick in the NFL. There's a chance you go early on the first day. If you do, you get guaranteed money and a roster spot. Or, you could go on the second day where there's less money and no spot guaranteed.

Going on the first day = job after 2L summer. Second day is somewhere thereafter. Or you go free agent and hang a shingle.

Unsolicited advice to Guy in his unpaid job. Watch your cornhole there buddy.