Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Google Search of the Day - 7/9/08

These posts are always fun. The blog has been around long enough to accumulate some fairly amusing search terms resulting in hits to our site, so I will post one of these every few days. I will also add some brief commentary that I hope will elucidate why these enterprising Googlers would resort to such search strings. Think of it as a little amusement pellet to get you through your otherwise boring day.

Google search of the day:
perversion school 02

Note that this is a different item from the one mentioned in a previous post in which I revealed the "perversion in the school" search term. This suggests someone actually GRADUATED from somewhere known as PERVERSION SCHOOL and is proud of his '02 class. I think it was Phaedrus.

1 comment:

Phaedrus said...

No, I google classes. For example:

Law 803: Law Review Polo Shirt Making

Law 201: Clinic- Net Casting For Drunken Undergrads

Law 507: International Law Practicum- Saying "I'm in Law School" in the Romantic Languages

Law 102: Hooking Up with Classmates and Avoiding Rumors