Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sexism in the Workplace: A Lesson from Google Chat

Ladies, take note. Do NOT get involved with, date, sleep with, kiss, touch, associate with, or especially marry our new blogger. He will claim you as .7 of a person for tax purposes, and you don't need all those headaches from the IRS.

Disclaimer: The views expressed over various IM services by any individual blogger do not reflect the views of this blog and are posted solely as a public service so our readers can avoid being sexually harassed by mootgoescow. If you take this seriously for any reason, you officially have no sense of humor and should immediately commit suicide by ingesting several boxes of rat poison.

Guy Fawkes
I would be perfect happy if the two of you ended up happily married with 14.7 children
mootgoescow: gross
Guy Fawkes: what, the .7 children?
i know, dividing kids up is can be an extremely bloody process
mootgoescow: no, that's easily explained by us having one girl
the 14 part is gross
Guy Fawkes: wait, girls are only .7 of a child?
mootgoescow: yea
Guy Fawkes: so a woman is only .7 of a person?...or does the ratio change somewhere along the way
mootgoescow: no they're only .7 of a person
when have girls ever really been our equals? please
Guy Fawkes: nice
brb, i need to visit the blog real quick so i can alienate all our female readers
mootgoescow: haha
oh that's going to be bad

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mootgoescow said...

I hope Guys dies in a fire.