Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last Days of BigLaw

Sorry I've been so silent so long but the last six weeks have been a blur of lunches, drinks, smoozing, and work. Let's not forget the work. I've been part of 22 interns trying to squeeze into 8-14 spots. They offered 25 expecting 10-15 acceptances and were very surprised to find 22 people like me with no particular place to go.

Much like our law school, the collection of students have been awfully nice considering how the success of our friends leads to our ultimate failure. I suppose all you can do is do work, hope you're significantly better than the home grown products, and wait. No reason to be nasty about it.

Best things I've seen here.

An open bar . . . at a clerks do's and don'ts meeting for all BigLaw in the city.

An honest to goodness flood that came up above the bottom of my car doors in the street. I think I floated over a median trying to get to the trolley tracks which I drove down to get home.

The Statue who doesn't get it. Just some dude who paints himself silver and hangs out playing a guitar in the square.

A bar tender make a Gin Fizz. Starts with gin, powdered sugar, and egg whites and gets weirder from there. Tasty though.

I'm sure there's more but I forget and its late. On Monday I go back to B'ham SmallLaw. I'm excited about this job but I will miss the daily lunches and two to three times weekly open bars. Everybody should have this gig once. Only once though. Twice'll kill you.

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