Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You have to be kidding me

I went to school today (when I should be packing to move to Lonestar) to see Prof. Who Possibly Ruined My Life. Long story short, my grade in his class went from one extreme (very very happy) to the other extreme (potential to ruin my life). I've known several people to whom this has happened in the past, and it always worked out for the better for them. So I thought I would go and talk to the Prof. Who Possibly Ruined My Life. When I go to see him his secretary tells me that he is half way up Mt. Everest. It took five minutes for her to convince me that she was not kidding. Turns out he won't be back for almost a month. It makes me wonder, is it just a good time of the year to climb Mt. Everest or does he hurry to grade exam and get out of town for almost the whole summer so that students cannot come and talk about grades?

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