Monday, May 26, 2008

Doing What Lawyers Do Best

So I did what lawyers do best and procrastinated this weekend. My sister was moving from the dorm to an apartment so I jumped on down to NOLA and helped her move. Of course, I had to take the normal gustation tour. Sadly, the line at Galatoire's was too long to get a first floor seat. A very fortunate cancellation, however, got me a table at my other favorite Friday night place,Antoine's. As always, I was torn between the Escargots a la Bordelaise or the original Huitres en coquille a la Rockefeller. The thing that amazes me about the established restaurants in the Vieux Carre is that the same waiters have worked there for 40+ years. From what I hear, someone has to die for a new waiter to get a spot. Saturday morning was great, I took a jog down St. Charles and topped it off with my favorite coffee at Cafe du Monde. My sister heckles me about being such a tourist, but I love strong coffee. There is just something about their coffee with chickory that does it for me. So I loaded up on coffee to bring home so I can have my cafe au lait in the mornings before work (and likely the nights at work) this summer. After moving my sister into her new Garden District duplex, I just rocked on her porch in seersucker, drank a mint julep, and thought "It's good to own land." Saturday night I stayed away from the Quarter and had dinner at Jacque-Imo's, you haven't lived until you've had alligator sausage cheesecake and Abita Strawberry Beer. Sunday morning was bittersweet as always, back to the cafe du monde for a quick cafe au lait and then to brunch at Brennan's- talk about a meal: turtle soup, Eggs Hussarde, and the original Bananas Foster.

Then it all came crashing down as I drove back a million miles to home where I had Moe's for dinner. I'm now drinking my cafe du monde chickory coffee and doing research for an antitrust article...blah!

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