Thursday, May 22, 2008


Who has grades already? Do you have all or just some?

It takes forever to get our grades, but the shortbus school has had grades for a week or two.


Butterflyfish said...

2 in, waiting on 3

Guy Fawkes said...

4/5 currently in. It's amazing, particularly since I had a couple of finals that floated for the entire period.

nicolle said...

grades? ha! i have my "passes" for all my one-credit, one-shot classes, but absolutely none in my four regular classes.

i know i didn't fail any of them--i was a 3L, and they had to notify the registrar if i failed before graduation last week. so, i'm in the weird position of being an honest-to-god JD who is still waiting on her grades.

Jammin06 said...

Grades posted last week. Just found out that that two of our courses that were allegedly "pure p/f" ended up being for grades. There's a lot of unhappy folk up here.