Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Impending Condemnation

The countdown is on, I owe the professor that I research for a huge project in 5 hours. I hate to admit it, but he won't get everything he asked for. He will get a lot, but not everything. I've had about 7 days to do a memo on a very rare, highly specialized, and throughly complex area of law--an area of law in which I have no background. What he will get is a memo that will be about 15 pages, heavily footnoted, and perfectly bluebooked. It will have every element, test, etc. any court has ever used, declined, and accepted. It will even have a couple of secondary sources. However, getting down to the wire, it will not have all of the secondary sources he wanted--that is, a complete discussion of the journal literature. As anyone who regularly deals with scholarly literature knows, there is a lot of crap to weed through. 7 days just hasn't been enough time. I've put in at least 10 hours days on this (including my trip to NOLA). Personally, I don't think a 15 page memo is too shabby-- especially since a seminar paper usually runs 20-25 pages. What do you think? I really dread going to his office tomorrow.

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Guy Fawkes said...

Depending on his reaction, perhaps you should reconsider taking his class next fall.