Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stuff Law Students Like: Mullets and Beards

Without a doubt, law school is very taxing upon a law student's free time. Precisely for this reason, a good law students learns to cut corners to save time. A successful law student must be sure to have plenty of time to imbibe in an ice cold Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout or wonderfully translucent Sapphire and tonic.

Saving time becomes particularly important during finals or the second year of law school. A common and well respected time saver is to forgo grooming and grow and exam-bear or a mullet (but, importantly, not both). Nothing says I've been killing a forrest with my WestLaw printing like an old fashion lumber jack beard and a starbuck's non-fat latte. While the beard is the approach commonly practiced by slackers to give the perception of hard work, the mullet is adopted only by the top students for practical purposes. Not only is the mullet a major time saver (and money too- that $16 can be spent on a new pack of highlighters and some nifty brief binding from Kinkos), it is an amazing stress reliever. In law school, much like drinking Sprite on the basketball court, image is everything. One cannot mess up the perfect windblown part of the bangs, on must instead curl throughout the day each side of the mullet much like an old time saloon keeper's pencil thing mustache. The act of curling gives one time to think and process during responding to stressful answers or can give the appearance of abstract thought. Moreover, a mullet is an iconic way to brand oneself- consider it the legal trademark of a top law student.

Think to yourself: fear the mullet. Who comes to mind?

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Hey, I'm the one who just found your blog (this post) by using search terms "hate law school." Do you have an about page? I feel so disoriented without an about page.