Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Law School Perversion

I had a great class recently in crim pro. There was a guest speaker who was a DA in a nearby county. He gave a talk entitled "Granny, Fido, and Vagina Barbie: Search and Seizure in Sex Crimes." He detailed three acts so terrible they would make Bob Saget blush (I'm not posting his Aristocrats joke here but you can find it on youtube I'm sure. It will seriously affect the way you watch Full House!).

Things I learned.

1) Never allow your boyfriend to keep naked pictures of you in the same bag he keeps the sex toys used to abuse your grandchild. It or a description of it is admissible under R. Evid. 403.

2) Bestiality has not been against the law in this state since the 1930's. I have no idea how THAT got repealed.

3) Jerry Springer does not have to make crap up.

Bonus points to anyone who goes through one Aristocrats joke and writes out the arrest warrant. I can't believe the stuff I learn in this school. I also can't wait to see what all links to the blog because of this post.

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Jammin06 said...

Congratulations. You are currently the #9 google hit for "vagina barbie"