Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good and Bad of Moot Court

So the guys who run our moot court have decided there is absolutely no score sharing allowed. I think their idea is that people at the bottom won't give up if they think everyone else is doing poorly too. But what about people, like me, El Guapo, who have a sick competitive streak? I don't think I'm doing poorly but I would like to know what "average" is and what the top third to quarter are getting. If I knew, for example, that I was one of the best 5-6 oralists and all I needed was a 4 point average jump to be the best, I would be working my tail off. As it is, I don't feel the need to get much better.

Oh, and the briefs scores won't be announced until they announce best brief in a month and a half. Have I been eliminated already? I just wish I had some way of knowing how I'm doing...


Phaedrus said...

My judges make me sick. I have the hardest judges of the competition every time. I have some of them twice. I have more than one of them on the same bench 3 times.

So what if a weak orator gets a weak bench every time, whereas the best orator gets stuck with a tough bench. Then the weak orator would have higher scores excluding the best orator from the team.

El Guapo said...

Maybe it's done like bull riding where you get credit for a harder ride.