Saturday, December 1, 2007

Analogy: Westlaw = Heroin?

Having free, unlimited access to Westlaw spoils law students because Westlaw is anything but free and unlimited in practice.  This is like having free, unlimited heroin before discovering that the hypothetical real world only has poppy seeds.

I have no clue what got me started thinking about Westlaw (or heroin).


Jammin06 said...
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jammin06 said...

Considering the high point of the past two weeks is a toss up between learning the copious types of diarrhea (of which, explosive being the most interesting) or having my first experience will the male prostate/genito-urinary exam (aka, stickin my finger in a place where it doesn't really belong and diddling another man's ****)....the heroin and poppy sounds pretty good right now.