Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Joys of "Adding Authority" for Law Review

From a friend of a law blogging friend:

Metheus:  why the fuck do you have to cite to common knowledge?

Silly Little Law Student:  b/c everything has a source lol

Metheus:  "The sun rises in the east."  Fucktard, Stupid Shit Everybody Knows, But I Wrote it First Cuz I'm a Narcissist, 45 Fuck Me Law School L. Rev. 787 (2004).

Metheus:  Can you sense the hostility?  It's a bit subtle.


asian law student said...

still forgot the small caps on the name of the journal ;)

Guy Fawkes said...

Indeed, but my commitment to the blog hasn't inspired me enough to go hunting for how to do small caps in html, much less actually edit the post with the correction :)

Anonymous said...

you also forgot the pin cite.