Thursday, August 9, 2007

Too Good Not to Post

"Little hippie chick" beats the shit out of karaoke singer, cops

Oh dear god, please let us see something like this at the bars this weekend.

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Phaedrus said...

I guess "yellow" reminds her of a Bonnaroo incident gone bad that resulted in a love child. She was eating her heart out on gooballs and just snapped in the moment, Bra. But she did get to show off her awesome head butt move that she pratices with her local drum circle.

Also, I'm glad to know Jager is the official drink of hippies... never again will I drink Jager. I'm sticking only to the Anglicism of Gin from now on, and the elitist feeling of knowing that you imprisoned half the world you get when you drink Rum. Just my way of sticking it to the hippies.