Thursday, May 17, 2007

Well...So It's Summer

The end of first year arrived with the proverbial drunken revelry, but it has departed in a boring and somewhat sober fashion. Everyone is gone for one reason or another. Most people are working for law firms in various cities around the state. However, this should not be interpreted as an indication that anyone in our class actually got a job through OCI. Almost everyone with a summer job got it through some connection related to family, previous work, etc.

Some students in the 2L class are doing summer programs in Switzerland or Australia. First, it's odd to think of ourselves as 2L's. It's also perhaps a little premature for a few people in the class who shall remain nameless. Anyone who actually reads his appellate brief at the podium and yells at the student judges during oral arguments has a good chance of being one of the few people to ever actually fail out of law school. Honestly, how bad does it have to be when the most awkwardly nice professor on the planet tells you that your argument was a "train wreck." Anyways...second...ah, to have money for traveling. I suppose I could have talked the parents into one of those programs considering that they were going to send dearest little sister to Egypt this summer. Yes, Egypt...really. I know people say "bumfuck Egypt" as a clever way of conveying the concept of "the middle of nowhere," but it really is Egypt this time. I'll have to get out of the country one of these days, but it just didn't feel quite right this summer. That's mostly the case because I didn't feel like spending my remaining loan money on a foreign summer program.

Some people are just taking a break and bumming around. I probably fall into this category at the moment in some sense, but it will only last for a couple of weeks before summer classes start and the beloved law review write-on competition materials are released. It's quite nice to have time to actually breathe and not feel guilty for doing anything not school or career-related. However, it's not so nice when your new part-time employer wants you to cover an entire day alone in the library starting at 7:30 AM when you have yet to even check out a book. I'm really just bitter because I have to be here at 7:30 AM...the job isn't so bad. It mostly consists of sitting at the desk ready to be helpful. I can read (leisure reading, holy shit!), play around on my laptop, and do pretty much anything else that isn't loud and/or obscene. Do-nothing jobs are great for about 3-4 hours at a time but agonizingly boring much beyond that, so I hope this all-day thing doesn't become the normal course of business.

Some people are having major dental procedures that will hopefully signal the beginning of the end of years of spending more hours in dentists' offices than anyone except the dentists themselves. Said people are missed very much.

Shit...I just realized that I'm still doing something school-related even though classes are not in session and I'm not working for a law firm. It really is impossible to escape.


your friendly investment banker said...

the blog is not school related, damnit. if you take this blog away from me, i will have few sources of procrastination left.

also, why would anyone go abroad to study law over the summer? apart from some international law, it seems like law is a very country-specific course of study. but what do i know about law?

Guy Fawkes said...

The blog isn't school related, but the library itself is.

I think the Australian course is a comparative class about Australian and American law, so it would fall into the international category. I'm not sure about the Swiss program.

Also, Wachovia isn't going to be paying you the big bucks to procrastinate. You'd better get that 110th hour in this week or your ass is out of here, sir.

yfib said...

just because i'm at work 110 hours a week doesn't mean i work 110 hours a week...

Guy Fawkes said...

Southern Company internships teach that lesson especially well.

El Guapo said...

I got my job through OCI. I mean sort of. I ran into the guy I knew from back home at career services not that he knew I was going to be there. My other job though I got, no I got that one on my own too. I backdoored the externship program. Shit what do those people do again?

Well I'm off to do what 1 1/2 L's do best, write an appellate brief against an insane pro se opponent!