Thursday, May 24, 2007

All Quiet on the Law Dungeon Front

I must apologize to our four readers (including myself) for the lack of blogging lately. There was a six day span beginning last week and continuing through this past Tuesday during which I didn't have a damn thing to do. No class, no work, no required reading, no girlfriend or friends in town who were available to do anything. The only thing to do has been to worry about grades and try to forget that I'm in law school. It was the first genuine break I've had pretty much since last August. Condolences go out to those who started summer jobs the Monday after finishing finals on the previous Thursday. I would love to have a real job with substantial pay and things to do, but the break was nice as well.

So I've been back in the library at 7:30 AM both yesterday morning and this morning. I don't really mind being on this schedule, but damn if it isn't more difficult to wake up at 6:30 AM than 9:00 AM even if I get the same amount of sleep. I'm also not sure why this feels like a different schedule than usual since my section had class at 8 AM four days per week last term. The mysteries of law school continue.

I would berate my fellow blog contributor for his lack of recent posts, but I think he's stuck working what he claims are 12 hour days for a firm close to home. It's hard to envy someone's job when he's the only clerk at a (relatively) small litigation firm. This position seems like it would be analogous to being an effeminate florist with small features who gets sent to a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison for sexually abusing his 7 year-old niece. Haha, just kidding...those guys get sent to STATE pound-me-in-the-ass prisons. Enjoy, Phaedrus.

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