Thursday, May 10, 2007

Con Law - Part Eins

Well, here we are...the last final of year #1, fondly known as the Ninth Circle of Hell. I'm sitting here feeling overly confident about Prof. Son of a Bitch's Con Law exam. The last time I felt confident about an exam was for Evidence three days ago. Scrolling down to the previous post should tell you how that turned out. I've also developed some kind of sore throat in the last two days, so I've been popping Aleve Cold and Sinus as if it will actually help. So far my brain feels awake, but my body feels like I've been fighting an epic battle with that sexually frustrated crocodile again. Those of you with minds in the gutter shouldn't go there. OK, so maybe my mind went there too.

Here's hoping for questions with at least some indication of a clear answer. Regardless of how this exam goes, I fully intend to forget my name and where I live tonight.

To the first year of law school, here's a hearty "fuck you." Cheers.

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