Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Need Advice: New Reading Material

Since 3Ls don't believe in class or reading, I am looking for some new non-fiction material. Just assume that "fiction" doesn't even exist. Additionally, my primary interests on point are anything about military stuff, anything political, anything on economics, and most academic/"objective"-type religion stuff. Anything historical on these topics adds appeal. There, I think I threw out enough terms to encompass most information that exists.

Top 3 so far:

1. any known Sun Tzu material (obviously translated, good translation recommendations would be nice)

2. Machiavelli

3. de Tocqueville

4. Ayn Rand pieces that are not mind-numbingly redundant (do they exist?)


Useless Dicta said...

King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild (I'm a total nerd for works on colonialism in Africa and this is still by far one of my favorites).

Jermey Scahill also has a new book "Blackwater" about private military contractors in the modern war era that was pretty good.

nicolle said...

that looks like 4, not three. :)

as for nonfiction suggestions...i read just about nothing within those fields of interests, since my nonfiction reading is usually along the lines of either true-crime or computer manuals.

although, along the lines of true crime...helter skelter by vince bugliosi is awesome. it's about the Charles Manson case, and i loved it despite the fact that it was written by a prosecutor.

Silly Little Law Student said...

*shudder* at de Tocqueville.... it reminds me of the horrors of American Legal History with the Abortion NutJob Papa Smurf Professor from Hell

Work Related said...

young stalin by montefiore (you will love this)

godel, escher, bach (everyone should read this)

democracy and tradition by jeffrey stout (hard to read, but worth the trouble)

do not poison yourself with ayn rand.

Phaedrus said...

How to Win Friends and Influence People


How to Keep Your Old Friends and Become Under the Influence with People

mootgoescow said...

If you haven't read Mandragola it's a good read. It's by Machiavelli.

Butterflyfish said...

I haven't read it but my husband recommends The Pentagon's New Map by ____ Barnett.