Sunday, October 5, 2008

French Humor, It Exists, Oui?

Admittedly, I have an unusually strong penchant for some odd types of humor. See, for example, the immediately preceding post. However, I think almost everyone can appreciate this legitimately epic gem that is currently making the rounds online. I would not post this if it wasn't worth watching all the way through. I have only come to tears from laughter roughly four times in my life, including about 10 minutes ago. All I will say is that it involves a "jackass kangaroo."

Consider how long it probably took these insane Frenchies to get some of the shots in the video. Hopping through at precisely the right time to steal fast food as it passes through the drive-through window? Few words can describe the brilliance of this absurdity.

1 comment:

Guy Fawkes said...

No one? I guess law students just don't have my absurd sense of humor or just don't find Internet humor amusing.

Really though? A guy in a kangaroo suit hopping through a buffet and to his table? Timing a flying double kick on a golfer bending over a water trap so perfectly that the golfer doesn't emerge for at least 10 seconds?

Have you people seen Monty Python movies or their sketch material? Jesus.