Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Computer Monster Strikes Again

My student comment is due to my faculty advisor by Friday. I was almost finished with it. In fact, I had only part of a case discussion, some analysis, and the final polishing left to do.

Approximately 30 minutes ago, my Macbook had a fairly routine Safari (internet browser) freeze-up. It has now stopped detecting the hard drive and I am unable to retrieve any of my files. I last backed up my comment two days ago and have not backed up any of my other documents from this semester. Even better, my Mac is just slightly over the 90-day technical support window.

You people probably wonder why I think law school is out to get me.

Update: The hard drive in my 4-month-old Macbook simply died from mechanical failure for no good reason. Since Apple's warranty is so generous, the data is only recoverable if I am willing to take the hard drive to a private data recovery service and pay the bill myself. On the bright side, they had my particular hard drive in stock at the Apple store, so I again have a functioning laptop. I am contemplating never purchasing another Apple product.

This is the third time in roughly six months that a computer has died on me for one reason or another.

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