Saturday, July 28, 2007


This is how I feel right now:

...except I'm in the law dunge...I mean library. If everything I've heard about second year is true, then this could become a familiar scene.

In other news, Phaedrus is transferring to my school this fall. He's already developing his "Hit List" (as in "want to hit that list"), as well as a strategy for picking up freshmen in case the list comes up short. So far we've decided that he could probably get away with standing outside the local Fratty McFratterson Pseudo-Dive Bar with a large net and a stun gun around 3 AM on Saturday mornings since the bars don't have to close by a particular time. He'll wear a specially-crafted Law Review Polo Shirt (capitalized for emphasis) and use the "hey, weren't you in my torts class?" line. It's foolproof, don't you think?


Silly Little Law Student said...

It sounds like a foolproof plan to me! ... Like so many of my plans.... I hope this doesn't turn into an "epiphanot" for you guys :)

Phaedrus said...

The beauty being of course

Phaedrus: "Aren't you in my torts class?"
Drunk Undergrad Hottie: "What's a Tort?"
Phaedrus: "I'm sorry, I thought you were in law school with me."

And Scene....

Works everytime.

ElGuapo said...

Say it with a laugh and a light, non threatening, but definitiely there touch on the arm and you're golden.

Guy Fawkes said...

El Guapo used to be quite the hookup master back in the undergraduate days. Listen to the expert.