Thursday, July 26, 2007

Something In Law School Turned Out OK...No, Really

Apparently Phaedrus and I submitted papers/Bluebook exams that at least made the top 60%-ish of the law review write-on competition (read: we made law review). We're excited for now, but we'll probably be even more bitter than usual when submission deadlines are approaching.

For now...hell yeah. Here's a celebratory LOLcat:


El Guapo said...

Woo hoo! Make room for El Guapo too!

Silly Little Law Student said...

Congrats Guys!!

[prepare to make sweet love to your Bluebook all year long as you become cite-checking bitches... mwuahahaha]

Thank you for drinking said...

higher than that I thought it must have been above the average of those UA students who are accepted to the ALR.

Congrats. Space Space.