Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is an Oral Exam - That's What She Said

Our second semester Legal Writing class is also known as "moot court" for a reason. We turned in two drafts of an appellate brief and are now preparing to do oral arguments in front of a panel of 3L's. I suppose this is fairly standard for most law schools, but they have removed all motivation for us to put forth any effort on this whatsoever.

1. It's graded on a high pass/pass/low pass/fail basis. A high pass gets you a grand total of 1% bonus on the final grade in the class.
2. The professors told us that they have NEVER given anything below a pass (read: full credit) to anyone in 10 years.
3. In the words of a 2L, you pretty much "have to piss on yourself" to fail.
4. Finals. Are. In. Two. Weeks.

They also felt the need to explain to us that the language one uses when arguing before an appellate court should be more formal than everyday conversation. "This is, like, not Bill & Ted's Excellent Oral Argument." Indeed.

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Shane Doniphan said...

Here's what I know.

Only 2-3 out of 20 get high pass.

The bonus is only 1% on final grade.

Finals are coming up entirely too soon to put in work.

I know its irrational! Why then do I feel compelled to win? Hubris, I am your bitch...