Monday, April 9, 2007

Help, Scalia's Disciples Are Teaching At My School

A certain federal circuit court of appeals judge is teaching a Federal Jurisdiction class at 8:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays next semester. Surprisingly (or not so if you think about it), this class did not fill up within 5 minutes for a few reasons.

1. It's at 8:15 AM. That's a good 2.5 hours before most of us are ready to be in class.
2. Most of the top ranked people in the class (not to be confused with most intelligent) are taking it, so the curve will probably be very high.
3. Who wants to take a class from the guy who will probably be the most hardcore professor at the law school next term, even surpassing our famous state-judge-turned-professor who once gave a convicted murderer 10,000 years in prison just to make a point?

I can just imagine walking into this guy's class at 8:20. "Mr. Guy Fawkes, it's very unprofessional to waste the court's, I mean the class's time by being late. I'm going to dock you half a letter grade under FRCP Rule 11 for having a dilatory motive in your attendance habits." No, thank you.


Phaedrus said...

Oh, it gets worse...when Scalia comes to your school. I ran into an old high school classmate of mine when I was visiting my law school last year. On this day, Scalia was to give a speech.

Phaedrus: Are you going to hear Scalia?

Liberal Classmate: Are you kidding me? I go to a
Baptist Law School. Scalia is speaking. The event is at a Baptist church. No way, they'd have me on their territory, just where they want me.

Jason said...

Which professor gave the 10,000 year sentence????

Guy Fawkes said...

It was good ol' Smokin' Joe Colquitt.