Tuesday, December 16, 2008

@ work related

Assuming you still read this blog occasionally, you happy now that the angst is back?

Don't worry, I promise more raccoon nonsense in the future regardless. At least now I'm filled with a sickening degree of apathy, coupled with a healthy dose of righteous fury again, eh?


El Guapo said...

I say the racoon has not gone far enough. Apparently the prepaid envelopes can be taped to boxes containing whatever you want. Boxes hold more than envelopes. Bricks? Nutshell treatises? The possibilities are endless.

Work Related said...

Generally speaking, I am happier now. I would, however, appreciate more context and backstory for the angst. With little knowledge of law school, I find myself forced to imagine the circumstances that trigger the angst. And, unfortunately, I am of little imagination...though I do sympathize with the angst.

Also, could use an update as to the job search and generally philosophy of post-law school life.