Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Statistics and Late Night Thoughts

There are just over 300 Million people in the United States. There are approximately 1.1 Million lawyers in the United States. There are an additional 150,000 law students in the United States so we add about 50,000 lawyers per year.

That works out to one lawyer for every 262 people in the U.S. There are 16 million complaints (lawsuits) filed every year in the United States. That gives each lawyer 16 cases to work per year.

Obviously there are cases to work that never get filed but it does make you think. Are there just too many of us out there? What motivates people to go to law school to begin with? Does anybody here remember?


nicolle said...

i was lured by the thrill of the courtroom...something i'm not going to see for years. :P

ImNobody said...

Why would you post such a thing during finals week? It's a good thing I'm already dead inside.

...I'm going to be the most over educated, litigious bed & breakfast owner EVER.