Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why I stopped blogging and started going to class

In the recent months I have become employed in my dream job. While it is nothing permanent yet, it is an audition. With the added responsibilities that I have assumed with my job, I have to find areas in my life to make time. Thus, no blogging. However, this has its benefits. I am notorious for not being present in class. I have been known to make public statements to my professors, "It's okay, I will just settle for an A-minus in this class, that's still top 10%." (A-minus is the A that I will get in the class minus 1/3 of a letter grade for lack of class participation--attendance--at the professor's discretion).

Recently, I have changed my attitude about class. I have found that rather than sitting in class surfing through the end of the internet in a 3 hour period, I could, instead, sit in class, do work, and bill by the tenth of an hour. Therefore, a three hour session of boredom then becomes several dinners at a top steakhouse---or Eurotrip Christmas '08.

That said, I will not be blogging to often. If anything, I may quit hiding behind a pseudonym and start blogging on a profession blog. In the meantime, join me in the fight against preemption.


Work Related said...

how are you employed before graduation (and the passage of the bar)?

i relish the return of normal law school inanity (and the hopefully permanent disappearance of the raccoon).

Phaedrus said...

Same as any other job, same as a summer clerkship. I do my time and they pay me. I also have a Third Year practice card.