Thursday, September 11, 2008

Worst Interview Question... EVER!

I've been traveling the East Coast trying to fit three federal clerkship interviews into two days. In my first interview came the worst question I have ever been asked:

"What is the worst case you read last semester and why?"

I couldn't answer that I have not read a case since October of my first year, but my real answer would have been the worst case I have read would be the Nutshells, they are so small. I prefer the Understanding series or the High Court Case Summaries.

Ultimately, I went with Carroll Towing because it was the only case name I could remember other than Pennoyer or Int'l Shoe and it's progeny. How can you criticize the latter two?

Also, watching a replay of The Office as I type this, Michael Scott just said my fourth favorite line on the show, "If you don't get no respect, you might be a redneck."


Guy Fawkes said...

I was aware of your "reading habits" before, but have you ACTUALLY not read a case in almost two full years? Srsly guys. Srsly.

Phaedrus said...

Honestly, the last full case I read was two days before the Halloween party in Contracts first year. I kid you not.

I'm either pathetic or efficient.

El Guapo said...

I've read plenty of cases. Right after the professor said, what did the court hold in this case, Senor . . . El Guapo?