Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally, A New Character: Introducing Prof. Tree Dweller

Prof. Tree Dweller teaches pretty much every Environmental Law course offered at this school.  I took Enviro II with him last semester, but I didn't pay enough attention most of the time to get the good lines.  I pretty much tuned in just in time to catch all the CERCLA stuff that was on the exam.  I refuse to miss another opportunity this semester in Enviro I, so I will write these things in my notes as I did with the original character, Prof. Son of a Bitch.

"They built a huge ski lodge out in California with all this secondary development.  You know, restaurants, bars, all those things people want when they ski.  If I went to a ski lodge, I would be sitting in a hot tub with my brandy watching people break their legs as they came down the slopes.  I guess then I would probably chuckle and get some more brandy."

I didn't even know they had hot tubs in trees!

Edit:  This is my first post in over a month...yeesh.

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