Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This Could Almost Be A Tort

I always keep water bottles in my car during the day so I don't get robbed by the vending machine. Today, I just let them rolling around in my seat (clear plastic water bottles). When I pick up the bottle later in the day, I notice a burn mark in my leather seat. Now, I'm a non-smoker and haven't had anything that could possibly burn the seat in my car. Turns out that the water bottle magnified the sun (over a course of 3 hours) and burned a 1 inch gash in my seat. This is something that has been widely reported on the internet (see here).

I never would have imagined. From what I've read on the internet so far, several people have come to their car to flaming seats. I really do think I moved the bottle just in time, the burn was rather severe.

Who should I sue? The water company for failure to warn? Should they put a warning on their bottle? As a policy, I hate warnings. I would never forgive myself for being the cause of a warning.


Guy Fawkes said...

Actual warning seen on the back of a personal watercraft: "Do not point water jet at bodily orifices such as anus or vagina."

Don't be that guy.

Jammin06 said...

Professor commenting on various causes of gas in the stomach/intestine.....

"Because there's only a certain number of outcomes that can happen when you combine a group of guys, beer, nascar, and an Air hose"