Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sick to my stomach

Today was one of those exams where you just want to vomit as soon as you see the first question. I had the same evidence exam that made guyfawkes punch a wall and break his hand last year. I now see why he did it. The exam was plain cruel (and I'm not just talking about the closed book-no outlines or rule book- aspect, nor the face that we had to know federal and state rules).

I couldn't figure out who I wanted to punch after the exam: Aristotle who couldn't keep his mouth shut before the exam, the professor for making the exam, or the jackass who walked out of the exam and said "he took those answers from the exampro book."

Which brings up a good point, should a professor pull questions from a single study aid and not tell the students? Does this put students at an unfair advantage?

Good news is I got my economic stimulus check. Bad news, Boston Legal isn't on this week.


Ms. Feasance said...

Word. I haven't taken an exam where I spent so much time staring at an answer blank going "Oh, Jesus" since high school.

And I prepared a hell of a lot more for this one.

Silly Little Law Student said...

Actually BL was on this week... it was on tonight (wednesday) rather than tuesday. (It's off next week).