Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lunchtime Randomness

I was returning to school from lunch with Phaedrus and another friend, the source of this epic advice and a future blog contributor, when we saw something that made all three of us burst into laughter simultaneously. As we were driving through the law school parking lot searching for a space, we looked down one of the aisles and saw what appeared to be an ass and legs trying to get a baby out of a stroller and into a car. Apparently the ass and legs also had a torso (and in all fairness, a head), as the girl stood up a moment later. This girl was bending over the stroller and wearing some of the shortest shorts I've ever seen. It turned out to be some young Asian hooke...woman. We'll go with woman. I think Phaedrus chimed in with a "me love you long time" line, and we all lost it, tasteless (and timeless) as the humor may be. I circled back around for a second look, but we couldn't stop laughing.

By the time we got out of the car, she was backing out of her parking space. I'm fairly sure she saw us cracking up because she drove away from the exit and toward us at first.

Actual image of what we saw, sans stroller and baby:

Monday, October 29, 2007

Prof. Hair Club - 10/29/07

I figured a Prof. Hair Club installment would be a good cure for our recent lack of blogging. Hair Club threw out quite a few gems today, but I'll save the rest for later:

"To paraphrase Pulp Fiction, I think the courts should get medieval on the asses of the Veterans Administration officials who don't follow circuit court decisions."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Late Night

I sit in a recliner in our hospital room watching my wife sleep. I can hear my baby's hear on the monitor and watch a machine catch each pulse. I see all the contractions my wife has claimed not to feel as it clenches and turns loose. I just played a poker stars tournament and did poorly. I finished 4th in a H.O.R.S.E. tournament. Went out when my opponent caught a third two on sixth street in a stud game. Sometimes it happens that way.

Tomorrow I meet my little girl. For blog purposes, we will call her El Bonita. All other concerns are a long way off. Classes, law review, pending somewhat long term visits from in-laws. All unimportant.

For now, my wife sleeps. Aujourd'hui, le deluge.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another CSO E-mail Full of Failure

Taken directly from a CSO e-mail subject line:

FREE Opportunity to Expose Yourself to Employers

I sincerely do not want to expose myself to employers (or most other people). That's usually considered indecent exposure and might get me arrested. Phaedrus might have gotten one of these opportunities when he went out to the bars with a young female associate from a New Orleans firm.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Other Admissions of OCI Failure

Our career services office is admitting defeat again. They just sent out an email:

"What else can I do with my law degree?"

At least it isn't another career fair they want me to go to so I can learn all about the exciting career opportunities at Waffle House.

I finally got a callback in the city I now call home. It is in a smaller firm but I like them. Maybe it will work out!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So yesterday in Prof. Hair Club's class...

Prof. Hair Club made the statement that a B+ is a right of all god's creatures. A B+ means you are a serviceable attorney in the area. Anything better means you have some real promise in the field. A B or B- means "Danger Will Robinson, do not hire!" A C+ to him is an F. Well not that I want to settle for the B+ but its nice to know a B is the floor for a good faith effort in this class.

Well after class I went up to tell him about a pending absence in the next week. I waited in line and watched in horror as a classmate, Marginal Utility, told him how greatful he would be for a B+ and that our scale and expectations here were much lower than that. I did all I could to try and undermine him. I kept saying, "Marginal, the scale goes WAAAY up after the first year. Professors give higher grades. This class isn't even scaled." I kept dropping hints but he just kept on. It was excrutiating. I think I minimized the damage but I hope Prof. Hair club doesn't now think a B- is the right of all god's creatures.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hair Club Part II

Professor Hair Club (I, El Guapo, am also in this class) makes awesome but dated pop culture references on a daily basis. Today he made a reference to one of my favorite Monty Python sketches, Nudge Nudge. SAY NO MORE!

He's also made references to:

Pink Floyd (he supplies the dark sarcasm in the classroom)
Young Frankenstein (describing a nightmarish teacher as Frau Blucher)
Beavis and Butthead (Cornholio mad with power)

The material is dry, but this guy rocks!

Prof. Hair Club - 10/3/07

"Just imagine what would happen if someone slipped LSD into the Supreme Court conference's coffee cups and Thomas suddenly had five votes for a non-delegation doctrine case."

Monday, October 1, 2007

Oh, the Irony

So I've been compiling a list of firms to which I will be sending resumes very shortly. Very few firm web sites contain any information about recruitment or employment, so I was elated to finally run across one that had a whole section entitled "Employment Opportunities." Here is an actual screenshot of what I found:

The page is fully loaded. It pretty much sums up the job search so far.