Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So yesterday in Prof. Hair Club's class...

Prof. Hair Club made the statement that a B+ is a right of all god's creatures. A B+ means you are a serviceable attorney in the area. Anything better means you have some real promise in the field. A B or B- means "Danger Will Robinson, do not hire!" A C+ to him is an F. Well not that I want to settle for the B+ but its nice to know a B is the floor for a good faith effort in this class.

Well after class I went up to tell him about a pending absence in the next week. I waited in line and watched in horror as a classmate, Marginal Utility, told him how greatful he would be for a B+ and that our scale and expectations here were much lower than that. I did all I could to try and undermine him. I kept saying, "Marginal, the scale goes WAAAY up after the first year. Professors give higher grades. This class isn't even scaled." I kept dropping hints but he just kept on. It was excrutiating. I think I minimized the damage but I hope Prof. Hair club doesn't now think a B- is the right of all god's creatures.

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Guy Fawkes said...

Marginal Utility's marginal utility just went negative.