Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bar Review

To all of you law grads out there? Did any of you take PMBR in addition to BarBri? Why or why not?

I understand bar review companies operate off of fear, and they are doing a great job. I'm struggling with whether I should take PMBR in addition to BarBri. I'm open to any and all input.


nicolle said...

i didn't do PMBR. my firm paid for BarBri, and BarBri gave me books upon books of multistate questions. i didn't even get through all of those (and knew i wasn't going to be able to, given that i wanted to have a life even while i studied for the bar...), so paying a bucket of money to get more questions that i wasn't going to actually sit down and do didn't sound like a good return.

i felt plenty prepared doing what i did from BarBri, and i passed the Illinois bar on the first try.

sophister said...

I did not do PMBR. I passed both NY and NJ with just BARBRI. NY I passed with just BARBRI books self study.